Our Mission



To improve long-term health in Australia and New Zealand by harnessing the power of the First 1,000 Days*. 


To advocate for policy and practice that promotes the importance of optimal Early Life Nutrition and to provide leadership in information, dissemination and practice guidance aimed at facilitating current and future parents to embrace and adopt behaviour that enhances Early Life Nutrition. 

Aim (Parents): 

To increase awareness of the importance of optimal Early Life Nutrition and the window of opportunity to influence long-term health outcomes among new and future parents and to facilitate behaviour change in support of optimal Early Life Nutrition. 

Aim (Healthcare professionals): 

To increase the confidence and competence of healthcare professionals to communicate the importance of Early Life Nutrition to new and future parents. 

Aim (Adolescents): 

To increase awareness and understanding of the impact of nutrition decisions on long-term health among young adults. 

*Definition of the First 1,000 days: 

“A unique and critical window of opportunity which covers the life stages of the months prior to conception, pregnancy, infancy and toddlerhood in which healthy behaviours, particularly nutrition, can permanently and positively influence life-long health”.